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If a class requires a sewing machine for your attendance, it is assumed that your machine is in good working order and you know how to thread and operate it.  It is suggested that if you have not used your machine in awhile, you should have it serviced at a sewing machine store (we can recommend one!) 
Our teachers cannot use valuable class time to try to repair
and figure out how to operate it.
Featherweight Maintenance Workshop
Comprehensive workshops to teach Featherweight owners
how to service and maintain your own Singer Featherweight on a regular basis.
The workshop will more than pay for it self
because you will no longer have to pay for routine maintenance again!
Class members will learn:
* Featherweight Historical Overview
*Proper Cleaning
*Oiling & Lubricating
*Bobbin Tension Adjustments
*Tension Meter Adjustments
*Electrical Components
*Stitch Formation
Fee: $125 
Enrollment is limited
Instructor:  Victoria Hermansen-Ivey
 Lagniappe Featherweight

Have you ever found yourself looking at a quilt,

or pattern or through a magazine and said to yourself
“OMG! I could never do all those flying geese
and get them to look that good !”
“All my points would be cut off if I tried that pattern!”
Well here’s your chance to learn how to do it without crying yourself to sleep or having to forever make 9-patches because there’s no points!
Quilted Owl is pleased to be able to bring you 

Tucker University


A series of classes for the Studio 180-Design Tools and Techniques by Deb Tucker
A great opportunity for you to hone your quilting skills!
When you take the Tucker U classes you will learn new techniques without making a whole quilt top.
You will learn to apply your new skills to other patterns that may require you to make those miserable flying geese, HST, square-in-a-square & more.
You will be able to “Tuckerize” all kinds of patterns and make your life sooo much easier!

You don’t have to attend all of them but you just might miss something!


This program is intended to offer you an exciting opportunity to build your skills and accuracy. In each Tucker University class, a new Studio 180 Design tool is taught each month.

We only make 4” units so each month you can combine and create new blocks. 

(Use the same collection of fabric and you will have a coordinated sampler when you’re finished when you participate in all the classes)

The creativity is contagious!


Studio 180 Tools offer:

  • Each tool offers multiple sizes (one tool, many possibilities)
  • Blocks finish slightly oversized so you can easily trim each one to the perfect project size.
  • There are both left and right hand instructions.
  • There are laminated technique sheets for each tool that give you additional technique options.
  • There are videos online for additional help for every tool and technique.
Learn the simple secrets of creating crisp, clean flying geese effectively and quickly.  This method can be applied to any pattern that requires flying geese units.
Saturday, May 12 
Thursday, April 12
(1 spot available)
Thursday, May 10
9am – 12noon
Thursday, May 24
9am – 12noon
(3 spots available)
Option 1
Tool Kit $35.50
With the purchase of the tool kit, class fee waived
Option 2
You already have the Wing Clipper I Tool?
No Problem
Class Fee $15
plus purchase of Techique Sheet & Design Sheet
(If you miss a class don’t worry.
We will be repeating them later on in the year
so keep watching for the posts!)


No discounts on Tucker merchandise.
Regular class discounts apply to other supplies used for classes.
These classes will be a great opportunity for you to to improve your quilting skills!!!
Sign up soon for space will be limited




Register for classes as soon as possible to insure your place and to

fulfill enrollment requirement.
In order to receive a full class fee refund, we require a 24 hour cancellation
notification if you are unable to attend class.
In classes with multiple sessions, makeup classes are the responsibility of the student. 
Makeup classes must be mutually agreed upon between student and instructor.
We reserve the right to cancel a class if we do not have a minimum enrollment.
If we cancel a class, you will receive a full refund.



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